Our Pup Philosophy

Customized Care

Treating Your Pet like Royalty

At Pet Squire, pets come first and we do everything we can to ensure your pet’s happiness and safety. Unlike other daycare and boarders—we pay special attention to your dog’s personality and customize their entire experience with us based on it. We believe in doing meet and greets to learn your dog’s personality ahead of time and then be able to place them in a similar personality group. Additionally, we make sure that during their stay they have one on one attention – from hand feeding to solo play time—we ensure your dog gets spoiled and treated like the little (or big) queen or king he/she is. Click here to further explore all of our customized care.

Our Pet Care Team

Pet Care Specialists

Loving Caretakers You Can Trust

Your pet’s safety is our first priority, our staff is trained in safety procedures and identifying dog behavioral cues that allow us to provide a peaceful environment for your pet’s stay.  Additionally, some team members have vet training and are able to disburse medications and perform minor routine treatments (nail trims,  anal glands expressions, etc.) to guarantee the health and well being of your pup while staying with us. We want to ensure your pet is as taken care of and spoiled so expect lots of cuddles, kisses from and cute pictures with our loving team members.

Our Pups' Routine

Routined Care

Ensuring Consistency to What's at Home

We want to make sure the routine we provide in our environment is similar to that at your home.  From the type of play, you provide at home to where your pup sleeps we do our very best to replicate what you do.  Our daily routine includes 4-6 potty times with, a minimum of three outside playtimes. Eating routines include one on one time, to monitor eating habits.  And sleeping environments vary from private rooms to private areas with comfy couches and kennel environments — your preference and routine at home is what counts! Let us know how to make your pooch more comfortable!

From Sunrise to Sunset

Daily Activities

A Day in the Life of a Pet Squire Pup

Potty breaks – every two hours from 7am- 10pm.

Playtimes-  throughout the day inside and outside. Outside: 9 am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm Inside: all other times.

Nap time- Two designated nap times are scheduled throughout the day and we provide cozy couches to ensure your baby gets a homey environment filled with kisses and belly rubs.

Feeding times- are 8 am and 5pm, with 12pm lunch for those pups needing it.

Night shift- takes over around 10, putting on light classical music for bedtime and soothing are aromas of lavender in our humidifiers.

Daily routine

We treat your pet like royalty

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