One of the most common things that we hear from owners once their dog first returns home after boarding are irregularities in eating and drinking patterns.  He or she may be eating much more than normal, or much less than normal. Do not fret, this is a natural reaction of transition. If Fido seems ravenous for the first few days after coming home it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong nor that he didn’t eat under our care. Instead, this increased hunger is usually attributed to different things.

Dogs tend to work up a significant appetite when they are in day camp becaus of the stimulation and because they spend a lot of time exercising and playing. They need extra calories to refuel their bodies. However, since dogs naturally seem to eat less when boarding, often just due to being less comfortable eating in unfamiliar surroundings, it is very common for canines to play catch-up when they arrive home. On the contrary, if your dog’s appetite is not how it normally is, he may just be acclimating from all the hustle and bustle during their vacation. You should notice them back to normal in the following days.

**Please note: for finnicky or particularly picky dogs our staff takes the extra time and gives them extra attention at times feeding them by hand, alone and possibly even adding wet food or pumpkin puree to entice them to eat!**