From many years of experience, we ask that you don’t jump to conclusions that your dog is sick! Have you ever had an upset tummy because of fear, anxiety, or excitement? A similar phenomenon can affect our pets too, and if your dog has diarrhea when she is in kennels or when she first returns home, this could be to do with the flood of emotions she will be feeling. It is very unlikely that she has picked up a stomach virus or anything while under our care due to the extensive daily cleaning procedures. Give your dog Pedialyte, lots of water and change their diet to boiled rice and chicken stock OR boiled rice, boiled chicken and pumpkin puree. Allow a few days for your dog’s stomach to settle ensure they dont get dehydrated. If they vomit or diarrhea for more than 2 days, please give us a call— we have medicines that our vets and vet techs provide that can help ease the transition home for your pup. If after this, your pup continues with any symptoms it would be smart to visit your vet to rule out the underlying illness (pancreatitis, gastritis, or viral infection) as well as avoid dehydration.