Made with love and guaranteed to make your pet’s tummy happy.


All of our treats are home-made and made with all natural, pet-friendly ingredients; your dog or cat will want to come back for more!

Our Paws n Pals line are treats for humans and dogs alike– made low in sugar and with organic ingredients, these healthy treats are sure to make you and your furry friends happy.  Our Paws only line is customized specifically for our furry friends” palates. 

Paws n Pals: Banana Honey Cake and Cupcakes

Our banana honey cake is sure to make you smile.  Sweet ripe bananas, organic oat flour, honey and vanilla, provide the foundation of the cake while the cinnamon cream cheese frosting provides a sweet topping! Can be made as cupcakes as well- $30

Paws n Pals: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake

Low in sugar but high in taste– this delectable dessert is the perfect healthy snack to settle you and your pooch’s sweet craving. Made with applesauce, mashed pumpkin, whole wheat flour vanilla, honey and topped with a soft and sweet cream cheese frosting– your taste buds will be excited at the first bite.- $30

Paws n Pals: Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Oats, peanut butter and honey, three simple ingredients one amazing taste for humans and doggies alike.  6 pack starting at $8, while 12 pack  starts at $15.

Paws only: Kitty Kisses Catnip Treats

Tasty cat food ranging from chicken to tuna is baked in with catnip to create a delectable treat your kitty will go crazy for. Starting at $7 for 6 and $13 for a 12 pack

Paws only: Two Flavor Doggy Treats

Made with simple natural ingredients but packed with taste. Pick from the following flavors: Blueberry, Beef, Sweet potatoe or Chicken.  6 pack starting at $5, while 12 pack starts at $11, 20 pack-$17.

Paws only: Tuna Cat Cookies

Tuna, flour, parsley and some baking time makes for one happy cat. Our treats are a favorite with kitties and last for weeks in air-tight containers 6 pack starting at $10, while 12 pack starts at $18.