For some pet owners, this is definitely the worst part of owning a dog. Nothing compares to the disgust we feel when near our pooches face only to smell….. ick! What is that?! POOP BREATH??!?!!? Not aggaaaiiin.

So how do we stop this icky behavior? Its hard, but we will try to break down 5 ways to try to stop coprophagia as it is medically called.

First, however, let’s start to address what could cause it:

  • Parasites
  • Imitation
  • Malabsorption
  • Poor diet
  • Scavenging

We aren’t going to dive into each of these causes for the time being, but its important when you see your dog consistently eat their poop that you discuss this with your veterinarian.

Now to what you are reading this for…. HOW to approach stopping this gross habit.\

  1. Increase their fiber intake- most dogs that engage in coprophagia look for solidified or solid stools not runny and messy stool. So make it hard for them to want to eat their own poop. Give them fiber to help soften their stool.
  2. Try changing your dog’s food– the cause is malabsorption from parasite or protein, you should try to find out which one it is first and a good way to start is changing your pup’s diet. Try a gradual switch to a different more easily digested protein. Good forms of protein that are easier on your dog’s stomach include fish like salmon.
  3. Use deterrents  As soon as your pup poops spray the feces with a solution of half vinegar  (apple cider vinegar is effective) and then half water.  Poop is already acidic and adding this will further deter your pooch from making this a snack.
  4. Prevent access- make sure that you are on top of liming any access to poop! Simple right? Except we aren’t used to thinking this way, so just keep it top of mind. As soon as they poop be ready to scoop! Keep cat litter boxes out of the way and out of reach or doors closed to help your pooches keep away from this temptation.
  5. Add enzymes to their diet- Supplementing with enzymes can settle your dog’s stomach and help with them absorbing any missing nutrients, so give it a try! Try Prozyme Digestive Enzyme Supplement, and Digest-All Plus.