We’ve all heard at wet nose equals a happy and healthy pup. But is this actually true or just a myth? Does a dry puppy nose signal ill health for your furry friend? Below we discuss the different takes and come to a conclusion to see if we debunk the myth.

Let’s first take a look at why dogs have a wet nose. The reality is that wet noses operate more efficiently. Moist surfaces help particles stick more readily to doggy noses and help our furry friend interpret smells better.  Additionally, noses help your dog adjust to temperatures—helping them cool down on a hot day.  So how do pup noses stay wet? Either by mucous membranes in their nose or them constant licking their noses. All in all—a wet nose means a cool pup, but what does a dry nose mean then?

Here are some possible explanations for dry noses that don’t necessarily mean a sick pup.

  • Sleepy dogs: when your dog sleeps he or she is not licking their nose- thus a dry nose.
  • Being outside: either from being dehydrated, doing a lot of exercise or extended exposure to sunlight
  • Age: the older that dogs get the less moisture they may have; some dogs develop dry noses with age.

A hot, dry nose isn’t always bad, but it can certainly be a sign of fever or dehydration. If a dry nose also has other symptoms, like lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea, or changes in activity or appetite then you should call your vet.